U.A.V. (Quadcopter / Drones)

Drones or Quadcopters are a fairly recently adopted technology in the field of private investigation. They are also referred to by the military as U.A.V,’s – unmanned aerial vehicles.

Drones are equipped with high-resolution video cameras, which can obtain still photographs as well.  They are Wi-fi/GPS enabled and provide a live feed to the person controlling the drone. They are an excellent tool for increased aerial surveillance in difficult or dangerous terrain, remote areas, fire and explosion situations, and even in some circumstances to surveil people/vehicles relating to domestic infidelity, insurance fraud, child neglect, etc.  Drones are extremely useful in collision or crime scene investigation.

Quadcopters are valuable in assisting private investigators to obtain visual evidence that a party could present in court. The images and information captured by aerial drone investigations will help improve efficiency and gather more timely evidence with less risk and expense. The captured images can also assist in documenting disaster areas, accident reconstruction and locating hidden or missing property.  Drones are also used in all types of building inspections for structural or mechanical related issues and/or damage identification.

Through the use of drones/quadcopters (in specific circumstances) we are able to provide our clients with irrefutable video/photo evidence, regardless of what you hire us to do.