Why use employment pre-screening?

  • Search for candidates who are the best fit for your organization by matching their talents and abilities to your culture and your current top performers in all positions.
  • Instantly receive a list of the best matched candidates in Ontario with Interview Reports and resume information.
  • Employers report reducing their hiring and training costs by up to 80%.
  • Significantly improve your success rate of hiring productive, long term hires and double your retention rate.
  • JOBFIT surveys candidates by their Thinking Style (can they do the job), Behaviour Traits (will they fit your culture), and Occupational Interests (do they like the job to be motivated, productive, and stay).
  • Have the ability to succession plan and career plan for current employees and new job candidates for all positions within your company.
  • JOBFIT is a 100% equal opportunity system.


Our pre-screening is a web based system that allows employers to develop and define a unique job match pattern, based on the traits and characteristics listed below, for the positions they are looking for.  The system will automatically source the job seekers that have the best match for that position at the push of a button and within seconds.

Has been in use in the United States since 2001.  New to Canada as of July 2011.

Predicts suitability and accurately matches people with the work that they do.  Studies show that proper job fit improves engagement and job satisfaction resulting in improved productivity.

All employers want people that fit their culture, environment, management style and co-workers.  A person’s education, training, background and experience are only the tip of the iceberg of characteristics that make up a good employee.

Not as obvious, but critical to a person’s success are the innate talents job seekers possess.  These are things you can’t teach or train.

The survey measures these non-trainable characteristics:

  • Behavioural Traits
  • Thinking Style and
  • Occupational Interests


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