Employment Investigations

Hiring the right people prevents future losses/damages to your company. That is why C.S.I. delivers in-depth background reports on potential employees to businesses of all sizes. The success of a business is directly related to it’s staff and their conduct. Ensure that you are hiring who you think you are hiring.

We also provide a complete Pre-Screening service that allows job applicants to take an online survey which generates and immediate report for the potential employer to review. It reveals not only great matches between your company culture to their talents and abilities, but digs much deeper into issues such as thinking style, behavior traits, occupational interests, motivations, productivity and stability. Save yourself and your company time and money by reducing hiring cost, turnover and boosting your productivity and retention rates.

In case you already have suspicious activity with current employees, we have a wide range of solutions to offer in those circumstances as well.

Pre Employment Background Checks

The following are some of the professional, cost-effective services that we offer:

Pre Employment / Background checks
Fraud, Workplace & WSIB Investigations
Employee Theft & Screening
Electronic Bug Sweeps
Statement Taking
Asset Searches
Expert Witness
Missing Persons
Process Services
Record Searches
Skip Traces
Surveillance (All types)
Undercover Operatives
Workers Compensation
Personal Protection
Installation of Hidden/Covert Video
Litigation Support
Polygraph Testing (Lie Detector)


Hire Private Investigator Ontario

Hiring Someone? Catch the Lies

If you’re considering hiring an employee or jumping into a partnership without running a background check, then you’re taking a big risk with your business. A thorough background check performed by a qualified private investigator can save you and your business a lot of time, money and misery.

By the Numbers

Statistics reveal some disturbing information regarding resumes and applicants:

  • 78 percent of resumes are misleading.
  • 70 percent of college students would lie on a resume to get a job they want.
  • 53 percent of resumes and job applications contain falsifications.
  • 46 percent of reference checks revealed discrepancies.
  • 40 percent of resumes included inflated salary claims.
  • 33 percent of resumes include inaccurate job descriptions.
  • 29 percent of applicants altered employment dates.
  • 27 percent of applicants gave falsified references.
  • 21 percent of resumes included fraudulent degrees.
  • 7 percent of applicants have a felony on their record.
  • 3 percent of applicants have a misdemeanor on their record.

ThHiring employee investigationsese numbers only further the necessity of running a thorough background check on candidates.

By the Headlines

Even big names in high places have lied about their qualifications. But how much damage can a few lies really do?

Let’s take a look:

  • Jeffrey Papows, president of Lotus Development, got caught telling some pretty big lies, including inventing his Ph.D. accreditation and his military record. He wasn’t let go, however, until he got caught in a sexual discrimination case.
  • Bausch & Lomb CEO Ronald Zarrella, wasn’t fired after it was discovered that he’d falsified his resume. Instead, he left after a series of product recalls and product liability lawsuits.
  • Kenneth Lonchar lied about his degree when he was CFO of Veritas. Before he was asked to resign, Merrill Lynch downgraded the company’s credit ratings. Veritas shares dropped by up to 20 percent.

What Could Happen?

At best, you may end up with an employee who is under qualified for the job he or she was hired to perform. At worst, you may end up with an employee who is more interested in using fraud to get ahead than doing quality work. If the person you’ve failed to investigate is a potential business partner, the risks of fraud or incompetence are even greater.

No matter how good a person may look on paper or how smooth that person may talk in person, you won’t know the truth unless you do some digging. Performing your own search can be time-consuming and may not reveal the information you need to know. By hiring a private investigator, you can be sure to get the information you need to move ahead with confidence.




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