Investigative Services

Canadian Special Investigations is a full service agency providing a wide variety of investigative services to businesses, insurance companies, law firms, and the general public throughout Canada. Whether you require assistance with domestic situations, insurance investigations, locating witness’, tracking down vehicles, or employee theft, C.S.I. should be your first choice.

All surveillance services are accompanied by detailed reports and video/photo evidence wherever possible. There is no better way to document the facts than with irrefutable video evidence.

Domestic Private Investigator Toronto, Spouse Investigator Ontario

The following are the industries and clients we serve most. Beneath those, are some of the professional, cost-effective services that we offer:

AUTO-BACK (Locating vehicles, assets and/or people)

Domestic / Family Law Investigations
Insurance Investigations
Asset Searches
Expert Witness
Malpractice, Medical / Legal
Missing Persons
Electronic Bug Sweeps
Cell phone forensics
Computer forensics
Pre Employment / Background checks
Illegal Dumping Checks/Surveillance
Process Services
Record Searches
Skip Traces
Surveillance (All types)
Undercover Operatives
Workers Compensation
Activity checks on teenagers
Custody & Access Issues to prove parenting ability, or lack of
Fraud, Workplace & WSIB Investigations
Long Term Disability
Personal Protection
Criminal Defense Investigations
Infidelity Investigation
Nanny/Childcare Investigations
Installation of Hidden/Covert Video
Employee Theft & Screening
Litigation Support
Matrimonial/Partner Investigation
Polygraph Testing (Lie Detector)
U.A.V. (Quadcopter/Drones)


Important Factors in Hiring a Private Investigator

Domestic Private Investigator Ontario, Spouse Investigator Ontario TorontoHiring a private investigator can be an incredibly important decision. A good investigator can tune in to details and possess skills that can sometimes make a huge difference in your case. Choosing the right one can be a difficult task. You want to make sure that you are working with someone who is both qualified and reliable, and someone who is experienced in doing the type of work you require. Here are a few important factors to consider when hiring a private investigator.


A good starting point for looking into private investigators is to find out what their licensing entails. You can contact Canadian licensing departments in order to ensure that private investigators are licensed in your province and in good standing. You can eliminate a number of possible candidates this way.


Next, do a little research into the PI’s background. Don’t hold back when asking them questions about their education and work experience you want to make sure you are getting the most qualified professional and any competent investigator will be happy to share these details with you.

Relevant Experience

Many private investigators are very seasoned in one field but it might not be relevant to what you need. Make sure that you have a PI that is experienced in the right tasks, such as search and seizure, trial preparation, etc. If you are an individual or attorney in need of a PI who specializes in criminal defense, it won’t do you much good to hire one with a background in divorce and family law.

Past Record

Dont miss out on your chance to interview the investigator and ask candid questions about their work history. Not only do you want to find someone who is qualified in the area you need, you also want to make sure they don’t have an arrest record or any blemishes on their record for overstepping their boundaries. If your PI commits any crimes, no matter how small, while on the case, the evidence won’t do you much good in court. If you have any doubts about the candidate or the answers you are given, don’t take the risk of working with them.

Check Referrals

It’s a good idea to contact other people who have used private investigators and ask for recommendations. If you’re not able to do so, ask the PI you’re interested in for references and call these previous clients to discuss their experience of working with the investigator.


Cost will invariably be a factor in your decision. There is no set rate for hiring an investigator and costs will vary greatly depending on what your exact needs are. Special investigations cost more than research investigations, and the prices of each will fluctuate within those confines. Try to work with an investigator to outline your rates as much as possible beforehand and make sure that there won’t be any hidden costs that you won’t be able to afford.

Finding a great private investigator can require you to devote quite a bit of initial time and energy, but you will save yourself a lot of headaches and wasted time in the long run by choosing the best PI you possibly can. Follow these simple rules and trust your instincts when choosing and your search will be more likely to have a positive outcome.


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