The Use of Private Investigators in a Personal Injury Lawsuit

Private investigators are able to provide the client/plaintiff with a wide range of evidence types that may even include previously unidentified witnesses that will assist in the successful prosecution of their case. In the case of a personal injury occurrence case such as an accident, a fraud, an assault or others, the burden to provide […]

Investigating WSIB Claims

What are the Benefits of Worker’s Safety and Insurance Board Investigations? Worker’s Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) is a government body in Canada responsible for compensation to employers. It’s also responsible for overseeing the safety of the workplace. It helps employers with their no-fault insurance claims as well. The Workplace Safety and Insurance Act stipulates […]

Don’t Be a Victim: What You Can Do to Avoid Insurance Crime

Insurance crime is not victimless. It costs Canadians more than $3 billion a year in insurance premiums and health care, emergency services and court costs. Insurance criminals take money right out of your pocket – when they cheat, you pay. Insurance companies are committed to putting an end to this type of crime. Individual companies […]