7 Top Reasons to Take Assistance of a Private Investigator

Nowadays, investigative service providers offer a wealth of information. You may not be aware of the many ways that private investigators can gain information, provide protection or confirm an instinct. Role of private investigators usually involve: • Conducting surveillance • Collecting evidence for personal or legal purposes • Investigating situations related to theft and computer […]

Real Danger – Public WiFi Hacking is Easy

You connect to the internet at a café and within 2 minutes a stranger is watching every move you make on your screen!  Watch/read this informative and shocking article before you get your identity stolen … or worse. NOTE:  Just pause the video to read.

Domain Registry of Canada (DROC) scam

  Don’t be fooled by the Domain Registry of Canada (DROC) scam! http://www.twistimage.com/blog/archives/domain-registry-of-canada-scam-with-direct-mail-and-online/   The phone number and contact information they use is: Phone:  1 866 434 0212 Fax:  1 866 434 0211 PO Box 4577 Markham, ON  L3R 5M7 http://www.droc.ca   They even tried to take one of our company websites.  Unfortunately for them, they […]

Investigate before Adding a Facebook Friend

Do your own investigations before you accept invitations from just anyone on social media. Consider: A person you do not know in your personal daily life, wants to be your friend in a virtual computer world; wants to talk online a little, and then wants to meet in person? Yes, sure, there will be people […]