A man who had gone missing 10 years ago in Vancouver has recently been found as having owned offshore accounts. His disappearance has been suspected as being linked to his former criminal activities. The name of Greg Cyr popped up in a recent leak of massive financial data, revealing the names of people who […]


  You suddenly hear the sound of gunfire, several shots are fired but you don’t know where they are coming from. You start to panic. By instinct, you call the police. When they arrive you see them take out their smartphones and something that looks like a pack of cigarettes. Now policemen and security personnel […]

Investigate before Adding a Facebook Friend

Do your own investigations before you accept invitations from just anyone on social media. Consider: A person you do not know in your personal daily life, wants to be your friend in a virtual computer world; wants to talk online a little, and then wants to meet in person? Yes, sure, there will be people […]

Catching a Fraud

Catch that Fraud Generally speaking, we never fail to amaze ourselves. The human is capable of developing such adept detecting skills that it’s a joy to be a conscious human being. For example, the farthest light we can see with our naked eye (or with glasses, for people with short sight) is that from the […]