Billion Dollar Bully movie being made about Yelp  

Avoiding Ponzy Schemes While Investing

Charles Ponzi was the one who made famous the age old con named after him, called the Ponzi scheme. Charles initially was a small time swindler who made it big through this lucrative con. He exploited the innate human tendency to desire big rewards with less effort, and this helped him net $15M of his […]

Human vs. Drone Surveillance: Fit for Private Investigators?

Drones are all over the news these days. They can even be found shooting selfie videos as they¬†deliver pizza. Surveillance drones are quite another matter, however. These strong and silent types are watching us from a discrete distance, like the Navy’s newly developed¬†Triton drones. These are in operation now and within four years, Tritons are […]

Locating Missing persons after natural disasters

Natural disasters are an unfortunate reality in the modern day world. From detrimental earthquakes to disastrous tornadoes, Mother Nature shows time and time again that she has the potential to unleash devastation on an often unexpected scale. The recent flooding in Colorado is one disheartening example, and with a confirmed death toll of at least […]