Cheating – Is Your Significant other Having an Affair?


Subject: Extramarital Affair


Are you beginning to question whether your partner is having an extramarital affair? Are you seeing and sensing specific things, that makes you suspicious of his or her faithfulness to you and your marriage?

Whether or not adultery is actually occurring, your uncertainties are informing you that something isn’t right and you feel a demand to probe a little more……..but how? Exactly what “proof” do you gather that will assist you in coming to the proper conclusion as to whether or not your companion is committing adultery?

Possibly you have even asked him or her a few probing questions and have received total denial, and yet something still doesn’t seem right. You don’t want to come out and blatantly accuse your companion of being unfaithful if it’s not true (since you can cause even more complications), but on the other hand, there is still this unpleasant feeling inside of you that your significant other isn’t really being sincere.

“Is he or isn’t he hiding something?” “Is she or isn’t really she cheating on me?” Those are important questions for you to have answers to, and have them answered truthfully. No one wishes to be played the fool, and no one wishes their spouse to deceive them, and yet how do you know exactly what to seek and whether your partner will answer your questions truthfully?

Let’s face it, if a companion is committing adultery, what makes you think that they will suddenly stop the deception and become honest with you? It’s feasible, however unlikely.

So for this reason (and numerous more), you need to approach this matter wisely, with your eyes and ears open.

Hindsight is 20/20, but for now, try looking at things through the partner’s perspective. Prior to actual disclosure, you will frequently come upon subtle or even obvious abnormalities with increasing frequency, bits and pieces of information that spell out ‘affair’ but only when you are honest with yourself and sometimes not until you look back over time.

Those pieces of information contribute to the significant other feeling foolish in the wake of the discovery: ‘Why didn’t I see it coming? Exactly how could I have been so stupid?’ The self-incrimination goes on endlessly as the companion berates herself (or himself) for not catching the signals that now all seem so clear.

Facing the fact that a partner may be swindling you is challenging enough! However to have the pain fortified by experiencing an extended duration of doubting and questioning, makes it all the worse.  You obviously need to acknowledge the “signals” your significant other may be leaving around, but doing so will bring unwelcome feelings to the surface, so be cautious when making decisions until you have solid proof.