The Use of Private Investigators in a Personal Injury Lawsuit

Private investigators are able to provide the client/plaintiff with a wide range of evidence types that may even include previously unidentified witnesses that will assist in the successful prosecution of their case. In the case of a personal injury occurrence case such as an accident, a fraud, an assault or others, the burden to provide the best evidence to the court lies with the case filer. Hiring an lawyer for the personal injury is the primary step for filing a lawsuit, however the attorney himself can only present the evidence that was provided. The lawyer relies on the plaintiff to provide him with all the minor details of the case. The case filer, who is either a relative or even the victim themself, is in most cases unable to recall all the minor aspects of that event due to stress and/or anxiety. It is during these times that the work of a private investigator becomes valuable.

The private investigator works to provide their client with all necessary evidence relating to the event. Private investigators have an arsenal of resources as well as access to official police records, surveillance cameras and databases, that ensure a complete profile is compiled regarding identified individuals of importance to a case. They work as personal detectives for the plaintiffs in order to establish guilt. This may be accomplished by locating witnesses to the incident, providing credible types of evidence that may even include contacting the neighbors and friends of the suspect in an undercover capacity and by keeping a close eye on the suspect’s activities. All of which are nearly impossible to manage by the plaintiff alone.

Private investigators have the ability to question people without violation of rights. They can at times also access security camera footage that will assist them to concentrate on even the smallest of details which are sometimes looked over or forgotten by the victims. Private investigators will uncover as much information as possible from their resources in order to recreate the event scenario. This new synopsis may potentially bolster the victim’s claim in the eyes of the judge and the jury. The private information gleaned from witnesses and plaintiffs is protected by investigators to ensure their privacy at the utmost level.

Personal injury incidents in Canada are currently on the rise. Many victims wish to claim their personal injuries but are unable to proceed due to the lack of credible evidence. Our Personal injury investigators are here to provide solutions. The company provides the best available personal investigators for people who are confident enough to claim justice through legal action. Personal investigators peer through a forensic lens into the suspect’s history.  This may also include an examination of the suspect’s daily routines in order to discover relevant evidence in support of a case.