Personal Security and CSI (Canadian Special Investigations)

Canadian Special Investigations is a Canadian agency with decades of experience. The company’s mission statement emphasizes its commitment to total confidentiality. It is further promoted by a dedication to the non-disclosure of information and the subsequent security of its retention.

They also work to help keep people safe when they are on-line. The web has a host of methods where personal security can be breached. Social media is a portal for those wishing to steal this information. Quizzes and games, both on social media and on other websites can also be a problem. They may request credit card information in order to pay for in-app purchases.

Children are also at risk online. Pedophiles haunt the chat rooms and the social media sites that kids use. They will strike up a conversation to try and win the child’s trust. Countless children have been lured away in this fashion.

Specially trained private investigators can examine everyone within the family’s social media footprint. They can determine the need for any personal information to be removed. Children’s online activities can also be reviewed for any improper transactions. If there are safety issues, investigators can assist in remedying the situation.

After a thorough examination, these specialists can help you figure out a way to avoid having personal information land in the wrong hands. They can also help explain to children the importance of not providing their personal information such as their real names, addresses and phone numbers.

In the business world it can become necessary to monitor the suspicious activities of an employee. Confidentiality and non-disclosure of information allows an innocent employee to avoid unintended repercussions. It also gives the employer the ability to decide what to do with an employee that is conducting themselves in an inappropriate or even criminal manner. These pre-emptive actions can avoid costly litigations relating to alleged breaches of Provincial and/or Federal Statutes.

The site has some interesting statistics about résumés. It is important for business owners relying on a résumé, to hire someone legitimate in order to avoid personnel/HR problems. Seventy eight percent of all résumés are misleading. Statistics show that seventy percent of college students would be willing to submit misleading resumes in order to land that special job they desire. Another fifty three percent contain complete falsifications.

C.S.I. can conduct personal background checks for any type of business at affordable rates. The background checks will be discreet and can make assurances that the information contained within the résumé is accurate. This will afford the Company the ability to make an informed decision when deciding to hire an individual.

The company also works with lawyers of all types to obtain varying types of evidence and witness statements. They become an extension of the lawyer’s staff at an economical rate for the work they provide. Their professional and ethically delivered services will assist in many types of case, criminal or otherwise. A few of the services offered are for domestic/family law, expert witness testimony and the obtaining of various types of statements.

Our firm has the ability to employ specialists that examine cell phone evidence. Cellular telephones are considered a critical part of our daily lives and utilize them for a variety of personal reasons that include banking, social networking, online purchasing and more. Criminals not only use them in order to commit crime but also to proliferate crime. Spouses may try to use them to hide affairs or other matters.

C.S.I. can help.