How a private investigator can assist if you are the victim of obituary fraud/theft when a loved one dies?

Unfortunately, identity theft is prevalent in the news almost every day. Identity theft occurs when your personal information is stolen, used in criminal activity causing financial loss and immense pain. Criminals use it for various illicit purposes such as opening new accounts, renting or buying properties, filing fake tax returns and many more.

Also, many have never heard about numerous scams that follow when a loved one passes away. Obituary fraud and deceased identity theft are scams targeting vulnerable persons, who are the loved ones of the deceased and usually already consumed with grief.

The individuals who have passed away are an easy target for criminals given that their surviving family or friends rarely inquire as to the deceased’s credit history or report to the police after noticing that something is wrong. This is exactly why criminals comb obituaries very thoroughly. Their targets tend to be former wealthy individuals however they will not hesitate to target other individuals who prove to be easy money.

In addition to this, the chances of a residential break-in of the deceased home increases, as well as being targeted for a life insurance scam, debt collection frauds and countless other illegal activity.

If you ever find yourself in such a precarious situation then it might be in your interest to hire a private investigator. Private investigators can assist you by providing peace of mind after the passing of a loved one. They can ensure surviving family and friends will not be taken advantage of when they are most vulnerable