Key professions that utilize the services of a Private Investigator

Private investigators are skilled at researching information relating to personal, legal and financial matters. They offer many types of services such as locating missing people, investigating crimes and unearthing historical information about a person place or thing.

In today’s world, many companies and professionals require the services of a personal or private investigator. Mostly, these private investigators work covertly behind the scenes. Some professions that may require a private investigator include lawyers, doctors, and HR professionals.

Private investigators can perform the following:

  • Interview and question people to collect information/evidence
  • Gather records to solve problems/provide certification of suspicions
  • Conduct surveillance
  • Obtain real and tangible evidence to present in court
  • Investigate computer crimes and information theft
  • Obtaining information about a person such as their income, where they live and/or work
  • Lifestyle inquiries
  • Undercover activities

Private investigators are a valuable asset that provide a wide variety of services to individuals and businesses. Some of their work is completed with the use of modern technologies in order to obtain maximum critical information.

Private investigators are discreet and covert when they are conducting an investigative case. Some common devices private investigators may use include HD video cameras, hand held covert devices, binoculars, GPS tracking and even drones.

Some industries which employ private investigators are:

  • Car rental/retail services
  • Legal services
  • Government
  • Finance and insurance

Private investigators work in many places, with much of their activity specially tailored to the requirements of each case they handle. Their work may include simply making phone calls and conducting research. Others will involve physically attending various locations/places to make the necessary enquiries in order to solve a case.

The work of a private investigator may involve the debriefing of a subject themselves, and possibly questioning them directly. This would most likely require the investigator to use tact and expertise in order to achieve the desired results.

Future projections for the field of private investigations:

With the continued proliferation of fraud and other crimes, the demand for private investigations is expected to increase. This in particular applies to the legal services industry.

Background checks will be an integral part of corporate due diligence. Simple online investigations are no longer sufficient and will not be enough to obtain accurate and conclusive results.