Polygraphs and Private Investigators

What is a Polygraph, really?

A polygraph, or in other words a lie detector test, is a procedure that takes into account various physiological indicators such as breathing patterns, pulse, skin conductivity, and blood pressure while an individual is being asked certain questions. The reason behind this is the notion that true and false answers to particular questions can be differentiated on the basis of the physiological responses that they generate.

A polygraph can be used for interrogation purposes in order to either clear a prospect of any wrongdoing, or to further prosecute an individual. However, it must be noted that a polygraph test is not admissible as evidence in Canadian courts because the accuracy of answers is termed as controversial as a number of external factors can affect an individual’s physiological responses.

The link between polygraph examinations and private investigators

Whether you are looking to prove your own innocence or when conducting internal investigations in your organization related to theft, insurance fraud, or other crimes, private investigators can help you narrow the scope of the investigation. In addition to these, private investigators can also assist you in the gathering evidence for infidelity or child custody cases, investigating a missing person case or conducting a background check through the use of a lie detector test.

By asking the right questions depending on the scenarios, and by thoroughly examining the results of a professional examiner who considers these physiological indicators, private investigators can help you find the right answers that can be used in your proceedings. Isn’t that just what you want?

Given that law enforcement agencies are not available at your beck and call to distinguish between the truth and false, you can avail the services of private investigators.

They will make the necessary arrangements in order to have these polygraph tests administered, as well as act on the conclusions they provide, ultimately leaving the organization with security and peace of mind.