Before you walk down the aisle: Pre-marital investigations

Not sure about your “Would Be”?  Increase in online search for brides and grooms has increased dramatically and partly to do with matrimonial frauds. Background checks are a useful tool in providing valuable insight which can help you make a more informed decision about your long distance relationship.

In just a short time, you can conduct a confidential background verification gaining comprehensive information including an individual’s address history, possibly alias history, criminal record and more. At first glance, conducting pre-matrimonial investigation on the person who you are going to marry may seem a bit over the top, however, recent studies reveal the increasing occurrence of online anonymity abuse. We can also see higher numbers of news stories on television, newspapers and online related to matrimonial frauds. It’s easy to create false credentials or hide information online.

That’s why private investigator record searches should span and merge online and offline data, giving you a panoramic view of the individual. These reports serve as valuable resources for many everyday occurrences but even more so for premarital. People can easily tell many lies about themselves which are hard to verify so this makes it difficult to know the truth. These are everyday situations where a background check might come in handy. Hiring a good private investigator could be your answer.

If you wish to establish if the individual concerned has a criminal past life, a Canadian Criminal Record background check would be needed. A paid professional investigation service is frequently used by a diverse range of employers for the use of pre-employment screening and it is similar for premarital research.

The professional investigator who conducts pre-matrimonial verifications can provide various kinds of information such as Address verification, employment verification, education verification, social status, criminal record check, civil court involvement verification, Driver’s License status, property ownership, vehicle or other asset ownership, credit checks, etc. The key grounds background checks are used for is of great value ahead of making major life decisions. One should always conduct these type of checks before tying the knot to/with a person who until recently was a complete stranger.

Whatever the purpose, conducting a criminal history checks has never been easier. Simply search for a reputable, well connected and well-reviewed private investigator, pay a one-time fee and receive the information requested. That’s it!  A well-established private investigative agency can help you make better decisions.