Uncovering assets in a Divorce? Let a Private Investigator help you.

How Private Investigators Can Help Discover Assets in Canadian Divorce Cases

Separations and divorces can be quite stressful. Research shows that 40% of all people getting married for the first time in Canada eventually go their separate ways. The causes vary. They include infidelity, money, constant arguments, lack of intimacy and equality among others. In divorce, the two parties have to share the acquired wealth. This is where the input of private investigators can prove beneficial.

What do the investigators do?

Offer professional expertise

First, it’s worth stating that private investigators are professionals. They are good at their job. They are capable of tracing the wealth, assets, monies and other useful resources thus enabling the husband and wife to split everything accurately. The investigators save you time and allow fair distribution. They know where to start searching for anything that could be of help in settling this issue. The investigators save you a lot of time and effort by assuming such crucial roles.

Help you to build your case

The input they bring on board isn’t just suited to the end of the divorce proceedings. Their input also helps you to build your case. They help you gather as much evidence and proof as you need to enable the case rule in your favor. They do an excellent job the first time of asking thus avoiding some of the mistakes that could be detrimental to your case. They use all the resources at their disposal to make your case as unique as possible.

Evaluating financial fraud

More importantly, the contribution the private investigators make on evaluating financial fraud and asset searches is unrivaled. In this regard, you can trust them to know what to search for and how to conduct the searches. Furthermore, the investigators know how to bring whatever information they come across to court for the benefit of your divorce proceedings.

Understand and comply with international law

Private investigators understand international law. They know how to carry out their investigations in a manner that respects or adheres to the law that are in force in specific jurisdictions. They comply with all the different laws they come across to ensure that nothing jeopardizes your case. The job they do coupled with their extensive knowledge and experience makes them ideal for stepping in when the proceedings threaten to drive you mad!

Investigators can also:

  1. Perform background checks
  2. Investigate criminal history
  3. Investigate issues regarding infidelity and paternity
  4. Investigate neglect, abuse of elders, and general abuse
  5. Conduct technical investigation
  6. Investigate custody matters
  7. Carry out surveillance
  8. Investigate personal/sensitive situations

It’s typically a good investment to get a private investigator to help you with all these matters in your divorce case.