How private investigators use Surveillance Services to prevent Elder abuse

If you are suspecting that a nursing home is ignoring the basic needs of your loved ones, you should consider hiring the services of a private investigator. They will set up cameras and audio recording services that will significantly blend into the surroundings and décor where your loved ones spent their retirement time to detect any negligence and abuse.

In Canada, one in six cases of elder negligence and abuse is reported, meaning that thousands of vulnerable seniors don’t get the required care and welfare that they deserve. By hiring private investigators, they will ascertain what is done behind closed doors.

What Is Elder Abuse?

Elder abuse is the mistreatment of the older adults who are 65 years and above. Examples of elder abuse include; withholding medication, unlawful confinement and invading privacy.


Private Investigator surveillance camera service

If you require a reliable background check performed on the caregivers of the elderly, you should opt to utilize the services of private investigators. They will complete an independent background check and avail results that are accurate, reliable and thorough. The information provided empowers you to make appropriate decisions about whether to sue the nursing home or look for other retirement homes.

But have you ever thought of how the private investigator gathers information? Reliable investigators can have covert surveillance camera systems installed and monitored. This is one of the considerations that you should look for when hiring an investigator. Once hired, a reputable private investigator will visit the nursing home and install pinhole cameras that cannot easily be detected. With such services, you will be offered a detailed surveillance report that comes along with supporting videos. Besides, you will be provided with consistent surveillance updates to get a clear picture of what is happening in the nursing room.

The main reason for installing cameras is to monitor how the elderly and/or the disabled are faring since they are vulnerable to abuse and violence in those environments where they spend most of their time. Every year, there are numerous reports of elder abuse, neglect verbal and physical assault in Canada. In addition to that, they are also left to without clean linens, oxygen support, and a person to merely communicate their needs.

For instance, private investigators installed cameras in a room belonging to an elderly disabled woman in an Ottawa long-term care nursing home. They wanted to keep an eye on the woman and unfortunately what was captured was spoken assault words that significantly affected the woman. She could not move, because her mother had suffered from a traumatic brain injury.

From the evidence obtained from the surveillance cameras, the nurse involved in the incidence was fired alongside other two staff members who witnessed the incident and failed to report. It is a fact that such recordings can be used in verifying complaints of elder abuse, clear caregivers of false accusations and even sue the nursing home.

To help prevent more cases of elder abuse in nursing homes in Canada are laws that are stiff on penalties. It is to ensure that caregivers and other staff receive punishment for elder abuse. With pinhole cameras installed by PIs and good lawyers, you are assured of quality service for your loved ones.