Corporate Investigations


corporate investigationsThe services of an experienced private investigator, or PI, is a valuable tool for minimizing losses, reducing risk, and providing for the safety of managers and co-workers for corporations of all sizes. There are many methods a PI implements to accomplish these goals.

Pre-employment Screening

Screening job candidates is an essential function for effective and successful hiring practices. A PI researches a prospective employee’s schooling, work experience, psychological and physical well-being, criminal background and credit rating. This information assists employers in selecting qualified workers who truly possess the attributes required for specific positions. Weeding out candidates who exaggerate, lie and omit important information on their resumes and job application paperwork saves time and money, and minimizes employee turnover.

Due Diligence

When considering a merger, or a new business partner the services of a PI can prove invaluable. A PI obtains the financial background of a prospect, as well as profiles of the company and its subsidiaries, and that of its staff and management. Additional information includes existing litigation history, media research, fact analyses and analyses of competitors.

Intellectual Property Protection

Intellectual property is a costly and important investment. When seeking patents, trademarks and copyrights, protection is key. The services of a PI are extremely helpful in securing this protection and uncovering potential and actual misuse or misrepresentation of a corporation’s IP rights. This includes service and product trademarks, names, logos and the like. A PI investigates possible copyright and patent violations, trademark infringement, piracy issues, Mareva injunctions, Anton Pillar Orders, and more.

Shadowing and Surveillance

The behavior of a company’s business associates, suppliers, clients and employees have the potential of impugning its reputation. When improper, unsavory, or even illegal activity is suspected, the shadowing and surveillance services of a PI are excellent tools to protect the corporation’s interests. In situations of potential fraudulent insurance claims, a PI observes the subject’s state of health, movements and activities, and investigates specific reasons for absenteeism. Shadowing and surveillance for other reasons includes investigation and observations of associates, income, confidential relationships, completion of tasks and projects, and other relevant activities.

The benefits of these services include reduction in absenteeism, identification of fraud and theft, smaller outlay for insurance plan costs and the safety and recovery of money. With respect to illegal or civil wrongs, the PI provides substantial proof of the crimes and wrongdoings for the courts.

Workplace Safety & Insurance Board Disability Investigations

Fraudulent disability claims adversely affect profits, productivity, and premiums. The use of a PI for shadowing, surveillance and other investigative techniques uncovers this behavior and gives the employer the evidence required to put a stop to this undesirable activity.

Management of Labour Conflicts

Strikes and labour disputes are costly and disruptive. Prevention is far more desirable than coping after the fact. If this isn’t possible, strategic intervention is a viable option. When labor relations are strained and issues are imminent, a PI firm investigation helps the company get a handle on the situation before it escalates. A PI collects data, analyzes the situation and provides a risk assessment with a detailed plan of action.

Private investigators provide a myriad of services in the corporate field. From investigating economic crimes to background checks on current and potential employees, PIs offer many benefits to both small and large businesses. The investigative services that a PI provides allows companies to mitigate potential risks in many areas and eliminate threats that can seriously damage the company and its reputation.