Private Investigators in the Legal Field


Legal Private InvestigationAlthough attorneys spend years in college learning their trade, rarely do they have the time or experience in digging up the necessary facts needed to serve their clients’ needs. Some cases require background information or further investigation, that’s where private investigators come in to the picture. Here are some reasons why an attorney would require the services of a private investigator.

Finding People
In many court proceedings it is crucial for attorneys to locate people connected to a case. Finding witnesses, locating heirs for probate cases, and tracking down former employees of companies are among the reasons that an attorney would hire a private investigator to search for people.

Conduct Surveillance Operations
Often, attorneys require the services of private investigators to conduct surveillance on people. This could be in relation to an insurance case involving a personal injury, where the injured party may be faking injury. Attorneys representing a party involved in a divorce may utilize the services of a private investigator to prove infidelity in a marriage.

Gather Background Information About Potential Witnesses or Opponents in Legal Proceedings
In some litigation it is necessary for the attorneys to gather information about the potential witnesses in a case. This could be prior to an upcoming deposition, or cross examination of a witness in a court case. The invaluable information provided by these investigations help attorneys to assess witnesses and to prepare their cases properly before going into court.

Collect Electronic Information and Cyberspace Evidence

Attorneys may enlist the services of private investigators that specialize in recovering deleted data from computers or to locate footprints left on the Internet by people involved in their cases. This is particularly helpful in cases where assets are trying to be located, and in situations that a timeline is being scrutinized. If an attorney is trying to establish a picture of a person’s character, finding a Facebook page or other social media profile containing inflammatory statements or pictures can be useful in demonstrating a persons moral compass pointing in the wrong direction.

Find Hidden Assets
An attorney in a civil, divorce or criminal matter may need to prove that a party involved in the case is not being entirely truthful about their assets. Experienced private investigators can locate these assets whether they are in a Canadian bank, or halfway around the world.

Piece Together Timelines and Recreate Events for Court Cases
In a case involving an automobile accident or other type of personal injury, it may be necessary for the attorney to recreate or piece together timelines for events. They can hire a private investigator to visit the scene and gather as much information as possible in order to proceed in the right legal direction.

Whether it be a criminal case or a civil lawsuit, a private investigator can mean the difference between success and failure for the attorney. The information they provide attorneys on either side of a case is invaluable.

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