Is there someone you need to find? Perhaps somebody who owes you a substantial amount of money or maybe someone who ditched you in a business partnership, or a customer who did not pay for goods or services received? Skip Tracing is the process of locating a person and determining his or her whereabouts. Research is an important process for skip tracing, and various sources of information are used such as telephone records, marriage/divorce records, Ministry of Transportation records, voter registration records, property and other asset ownership records, and school records. After the data has been gathered, the information is analyzed and the most logical conclusion is tested. Some people are easier to find than others. Some people do a good job of hiding themselves. However there will always be a record, link or a clue that you can follow.

Skips or the subject of the skip tracing investigation would do the most basic thing to hide their presence: move to a different location. Some skips would employ advanced tactics such as using fake identification, using mail drops and PO boxes for their addresses, and other ways in order to conceal their physical address. However these tactics can only go so far and a good skip tracer will be able to gather data, look at clues, and then verify where the skip is actually located.

Private investigation firms are experts in the art of skip tracing, and it can be used as a preliminary step in an investigation, with a subsequent video surveillance done once the subject has been located. While there are online skip tracing services, they will often utilize only online or web databases and will have little or no access to physical records…records that often do not exist and cannot be found on the internet. The private investigation firm will send a licensed private investigator to follow up on a lead, maybe assigning the case to him/her so that the case will have the dedication and focus of one person working it.

So how can it be beneficial to your business? The potential reward varies from erasing bad loans and collecting payments long overdue to establishing a reputation as a strict and straightforward business that cannot be duped. It also allows your business some closure and perhaps a little getting even to somebody who thinks he can take advantage of your business goodwill and get away with it. It lets everyone know that you take business seriously and this would be a boost to your reputation.