In an age where technology has allowed us to do things that were previously beyond our imagination, technology has become the tool for law enforcement and for spies to gather information. We live in the information age and he who has knowledge is king. Governments invest a great deal in the acquisition of information, especially against global terrorism threats.

Corporate espionage is a real threat to all companies big and small: from small family owned corporations to large companies such as Microsoft, Apple, Samsung, General Motors, Ford, JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, among others. Security is vital to a company’s continued financial success. A security leak can expose a company to attacks from its competition and can lead to its eventual downfall. Espionage has influenced the affairs of nations, and it affects trade and cooperation across the globe.

Bugs or “Covert Listening Devices” have become more and more sophisticated and more effective ever since they have been used by government spy agencies such as the CIA, M15, KGB and Mossad. Bug Sweeps conducted by professional bug detection and removal companies can become very expensive but not as expensive as the loss of secure corporate information that can result in the loss of millions of dollars of profit. Cellphones and even cars can be tapped because it is possible to activate the microphone of a mobile phone from a distance and listen in to the conversation of people near it. This technological exploit or “roving bug” flaw has allowed

In order to improve corporate security companies must limit access to areas where potentially sensitive information or data is stored, handled or processed. It would make the process of sweeping for bugs easier, cheaper and much faster. Bug sweeps should be conducted as frequently as possible but not on a predictable schedule that would allow the perpetrators time to remove the planted bugs.

Although anyone can buy surveillance gadgets from Amazon, eBay or your local electronics store, it takes someone trained in the art of surveillance and investigation to do things the right way. For large companies that pay thousands for a bug sweep, a group of trained professionals, one with an excellent track record and reputation, can be trusted upon to eliminate every last bit of bug hiding in company premises. Since wiretapping can involve remote activation of mobile phones, an expert who knows how to do it can detect any frequencies or signal that may be tapped in and then remove that threat.