There Is Power In Knowing The Truth


Do you have a feeling that something isn’t right? Canadian Special Investigations (CSI) helps you learn the truth and assists you in getting evidence to confirm your suspicions. CSI works with insurance companies, corporations, law firms, and individuals. The business needs of insurance companies and corporations to check whether they are being defrauded can be filled by CSI’s repertoire of investigative services such as surveillance, accident benefit statements, housekeeper / caregiver statements, witness statements, asset searches, expert witness’, searches for missing persons, background checks, malpractice / medical investigation, skip traces, covert investigations, the placement of undercover operatives in the workplace, investigations regarding worker’s compensations, and other fraud and workplace investigations such as those regarding the WSIB or Workplace Safety and Insurance board.

The client list includes Canadian insurance companies who are processing and adjusting accident benefit claims, automobile / property damage claims, and bodily injuries that cause physical and mental restrictions such as slips and falls. Canadian Special Investigations is expert at providing evidence for such insurance related concerns. Companies with concern over the people they hire can be rest assured that CSI and its background check program will tell whether they have been lying about their credentials or they speak the truth about themselves. Companies ranging from small, family owned businesses to large corporations with publicly traded stock can benefit from the investigative services provided by CSI by reducing the risk of violence, theft, robbery or fraud in the workplace. CSI offers bug sweeps, installation of hidden / covert video surveillance, conducting all types of surveillance and counter surveillance, and placing undercover operatives in an age where corporate espionage is a real threat to companies everywhere. CSI can also perform illegal garbage dumping checks, skip traces, record searches, personal protection and litigation support. Most companies have their own security personnel but CSI offers a third party solution to any potential security breach within the company.

Auto dealerships, banks, lending companies and other financial institutions that need asset tracking and recovery can take advantage of the AUTO-BACK program. All types of vehicles can be located such as cars, trucks, motorcycles, and boats. The lessee can then be persuaded to update their overdue accounts or to make payments. The recovery team acts as a liaison between the client and the authorities to have the vehicle listed as stolen so as to initiate an insurance claim. The team is led by Christopher Dennison whose team has contacts with Police Officers and Fraud Examiners. They are also members of the International Association of Auto Theft Investigators as well as being fully licensed and insured private investigators.

Canadian Special Investigations has mainly worked with clients in the province of Ontario however services are also rendered across Canada. Even the USA has made use of CSI’s investigators many times.  No matter where you are, Canadian Special Investigations will cater to your special investigative needs whether they are of a personal or business related nature. CSI’s team now has over 65 years of combined experience in the field of private investigation with a growing list of satisfied clients and a track record that bolsters its reputation. CSI private investigators are well trained experts in surveillance that can work around the clock at any time that they are required. Feel the confidence of knowing the truth.