Investigating WSIB Claims

What are the Benefits of Worker’s Safety and Insurance Board Investigations? Worker’s Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) is a government body in Canada responsible for compensation to employers. It’s also responsible for overseeing the safety of the workplace. It helps employers with their no-fault insurance claims as well. The Workplace Safety and Insurance Act stipulates […]

6 Tips for Deterring Employee Theft and Fraud

7 Top Reasons to Take Assistance of a Private Investigator

Nowadays, investigative service providers offer a wealth of information. You may not be aware of the many ways that private investigators can gain information, provide protection or confirm an instinct. Role of private investigators usually involve: • Conducting surveillance • Collecting evidence for personal or legal purposes • Investigating situations related to theft and computer […]

8 Ways to Protect Your Smartphone


Real Danger – Public WiFi Hacking is Easy

You connect to the internet at a café and within 2 minutes a stranger is watching every move you make on your screen!  Watch/read this informative and shocking article before you get your identity stolen … or worse. NOTE:  Just pause the video to read.

A Liars Art of Persuasion

Have you ever experienced talking to someone who just can’t fail to make you believe every word he says? In one occasion or more, you may have bumped into someone you know who may really be gifted with speech or the art of lying. And oftentimes, you know it in your guts that there is […]

Avoiding Ponzy Schemes While Investing

Charles Ponzi was the one who made famous the age old con named after him, called the Ponzi scheme. Charles initially was a small time swindler who made it big through this lucrative con. He exploited the innate human tendency to desire big rewards with less effort, and this helped him net $15M of his […]

Fraud Prevention Month

  March is fraud prevention month in Canada and the goal is to raise awareness among citizens and consumers about the different types of fraud and how they can contribute to stop this crime. The Fraud Prevention Forum is a collective of firms from the private sector, consumer groups, volunteer groups, law enforcement agencies and […]

Private Investigation Leads to Discovery of Insurance Fraud

There has of course always been fraud but insurance fraud is more common than you might think, especially with car insurance. Many insurance companies hire private investigators to make sure that the case is actually an accident and not a deliberate fraud. You would like to think that there were no car insurance frauds out […]

Catching a Fraud

Catch that Fraud Generally speaking, we never fail to amaze ourselves. The human is capable of developing such adept detecting skills that it’s a joy to be a conscious human being. For example, the farthest light we can see with our naked eye (or with glasses, for people with short sight) is that from the […]